Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, the first American to purposefully break the sound barrier, has slipped the surly bonds of Earth.

Like many in my generation, Chuck Yeager was the reason for my career choice. Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff” — the book and the movie — were the touchstone works of our generation, a window into a life and world of purpose, heroism, and adventure. Yeager was the larger than life Zeus of a pantheon of post World War II aviation heroes that inspired our careers and lives.

Many of us were fortunate to live in an era where we…

SolarWinds. The Colonial Pipeline. What’s next?

The honest answer is “We don’t know.” One thing is certain: The next major infrastructure attack is already underway. Hackers are already present in our systems — we just don’t know where.

We were shocked earlier this year after discovering the full extent of the SolarWinds attack. Russian backed hackers used an innocuous IT tool to provide a back door into sensitive government computers. We woke up to a hostile actor in our systems, surveilling us — without our knowledge — for months. …

Hello, and congratulations on your new role! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well after being an unexpected protagonist in the most undesired political crisis in Puerto Rico’s history. You may be surprised to hear this, but many of us really want you to succeed. After all, you may be the most important Governor in all of Puerto Rico’s history.

I’ve been asked many times what has fueled the historic democratic revolution in Puerto Rico. The most succinct reason is simple: betrayal. For almost one hundred years Puerto Rico believed in the promises of charismatic politicians. Those…

Noel Zamot

Ethical Capitalist.

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